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Agency VA 2738
Transport Regulation Board
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Date Range: 1933 - 1983
Description of this AgencyDescription of this Agency
Establishment Transport Regulation Board 1933

The first Transport Regulation Board was established by the Transport Regulation Act 1932 (No.4100) which was proclaimed on 16 February 1933. Under section 15 of the Act the Board was to prepare two reports, to be submitted to the Governor-in-Council, with respect to the efficient co-ordination, better regulation and control of railway, tramway, motor, sea and air transport. However in the time available the Board was only able to submit reports on railway and road motor transport. The Minister of Railways (VRG 32) was responsible for the establishment of the Board.

From 1 January 1934 a second Transport Regulation Act 1933 (No.4198) came into operation. This Act re-constituted the Transport Regulation Board and, by amending section 15, provided for the Board to report to a responsible Minister. The first meeting of this reconstituted Board was held on 1 May 1934. By the time the Board submitted its first annual report in 1935 a Minister for Transport had been appointed as the Minister responsible.

Functions of the Board

In its initial reports to the Governor-in-Council the Board proposed that the "first step towards 'the better and more economic co-ordination or the better regulation and control' of transport is the introduction of a system of licences and permits applied to all commercial road motor vehicles, both passenger and goods", and that such a system be administered by a transport licensing authority. In effect the Transport Regulation Board became that authority, with primary responsibility for:

licensing country commercial passenger vehicles including stage, touring and light motor omnibuses
licensing of commercial goods vehicles
licensing vehicles of commercial travellers
regulation of vehicle standards and conditions
regulation of passenger vehicle routes and timetables.

Responsibility for licensing country commercial passenger vehicles had previously been the responsibility of the Country Roads Board (VA 722) under the provision of the Motor Omnibus Acts 1924-1929.

The introduction, in 1934, of more extensive licensing and regulation of motor transport services reflected the Government's concern with the increasing competition between transport services and the State's transport network.

It is evident that a significant role of the Board before 1951 was to conduct public hearings concerned with matters relating to the administration of transport services throughout the State. Hearings were held in metropolitan and country locations.

Extension of Regulatory Role 1952

With the proclamation of Part III of the Transport Act 1951 (No.5559) on 1 February 1952 the Board became responsible for the licensing of all metropolitan passenger matters previously handled by the Melbourne City Council, and also urban passenger transport in Ballarat, Bendigo and Geelong previously controlled by the respective City Councils. Part II of the Act, introducing the licensing of commercial aircraft, was not proclaimed until 1 July 1952.

The Transport Act 1951 also established a Ministry of Transport (VA 673) "for the purpose of securing the improvement, development and better co-ordination of railway, tramway, road and air transport in Victoria" and empowered the Minister of Transport to utilize the services of officers employed within the various transport authorities.

As the Ministry primarily performed a co-ordinating function and did not carry out any operations, the licensing and regulation functions of the Transport Regulation Board were not significantly affected by this development.

In 1961 the Board became responsible, under the provisions of the Motor Boat Act 1961, for the registration of motor boats and the control of boating activities on Victorian waters.

Motor Registration and Driver Licensing from 1981

Following proclamation on 29 April 1981 of the Motor Registration Act 1980 (No.9403), the Transport Regulation Board assumed responsibility for the functions of the Motor Registration Branch, including motor registration and driver licensing, from the Office of the Chief Commissioner of Police (VA 724).

Restructuring of Transport Portfolio and Abolition of Board 1983

The introduction of the Transport Act 1983 (No.9921) significantly influenced the administration of transport functions in Victoria, including the establishment of a Road Traffic Authority (VA 1036) which assumed all licensing and registration functions of the Transport Regulation Board.

Responsibility for the co-ordination of urban bus services outside the metropolitan area, however, passed to the State Transport Authority (VA 1038).

Location of Records

See List of Holdings 2nd edition 1985, section 3.21.0.

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? 1967 - 1983 Transport Regulation Files [Example only Retained] VPRS 8619 North Melbourne Closed
By 1960 - 1983 Commercial Goods Vehicle Licence Files [Sample only Retained] VPRS 7357 North Melbourne Closed
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Date of Responsibility Function Title Function Number
1934 - cont Licensing country commercial passenger vehicles VF 451
- 1951 Transport services, co-ordination of VF 491
1981 - 1983 Motor registration and driver licensing VF 159
- 1983 Bus services, urban, co-ordination of VF 422
- 1983 Transport regulation VF 488
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1933 - 1934 Railways VRG 32
1934 - 1983 Transport VRG 49
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