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Victorian Railways (also Victorian Railways Commissioners 1883-1973, Victorian Railways Board 1973-1983)
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Date Range: 1883 - 1983
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Appointment of Victorian Railways Commissioners

On 1 November 1883 assent was given to the Victorian Railways Commissioners Act 1883, 47 Vic.,No.767, to make better provision for the construction, maintenance and management of the state railways. Although the provisions concerning the appointment of Commissioners were given immediate effect, the remaining provisions of the Act were not to become operative until 1st February 1884. The Act provided for the transfer of statutory responsibility for the state's railways from the Board of Land and Works (VA 744) to the newly appointed Victorian Railways Commissioners. The Commissioners, constituted as a statutory body, were to report directly to the minister responsible for railways and could appoint staff to assist in the execution of the Act. The staff of the Department of Railways (VA 2965) thereafter became subject to the authority of the Commissioners and became commonly known as 'Victorian Railways' (although this title had been used interchangeably with Department of Railways since the first appointment of staff in 1856). It is not evident that any major changes were made to the Department's operation as a result of this rearrangement. However a new agency, VA 2876, has been registered from 1883, incorporating the Victorian Railways Commissioners 1883-1973 and the Victorian Railways Board 1973-1983.

Railway Management and Construction

The functions for which Victorian Railways assumed responsibility included:
survey and construction of new lines of railway
supervision and maintenance of existing lines
management of railway traffic including passengers, goods and livestock
superintendence of railway services
determining by-laws, rules and regulations concerning railway operations
construction and repair of rolling stock.

The Railways Act (Amendment Act) 1891, 55 Vic.,No.1250, provided for the Board of Land and Works (VA 744) to resume responsibility for the survey, construction and completion of all lines of railway, while the Victorian Railways Commissioners retained responsibility for the supervision and maintenance of all completed lines. Operational responsibility for railway construction was taken on by the Board's Railway Construction Branch (VA 690). Under the provisions of the Act the Minister responsible for Railways was also deemed to be, ex officio, a Vice-President of the Board of Land and Works - a return to the situation which had existed until 1884 when the Board had ceased to have any responsibility for railways matters. The Act also provided for the establishment of a Railway Accident Fund.

Associated Functions

From 1888 the Victorian Railways gradually began to take on a role in tourism which developed into the operation of the Victorian Government Tourist Bureaux.

In 1911 the Victorian Railways Commissioners assumed responsibility for the State Coal Mine (VA 720) from the Mines Department (VA 612).

Within Victorian Railways other functions developed including:
operation of electric supply for street tramway services 1906-1959
operation of Newport Power Station A (from c1921 until 1951)
provision of railway refreshment services (from 1920)
management of Mt Buffalo Chalet (from 1924-1983)
provision of road motor services for passengers (from 1925)
provision of motor transport services for goods
operation of Newport Power Station B (until 1939).

Handover of Associated Functions to Other Agencies

In 1939 and 1951, responsibility for the operation of the Newport Power Stations B and A respectively was assumed by the State Electricity Commission (VA 1002). In 1959 the management of the Government Tourist Bureaux passed to the Tourism Development Authority (VA 2918). For a brief account of the administration of tourism functions from 1888 to the present see VRG 91 Tourism III. Responsibility for the State Coal Mine (VA 720) ceased in 1968 with the closure of the mine.

Victorian Railways Commissioners replaced by Victorian Railways Board 1973

In May 1973 under the provisions of the Railways (Amendment) Act 1972 (No.8353) the management of the Railways passed from the Victorian Railways Commissioners to a Victorian Railways Board. VicRail, as it became known in the 1970's, continued under the administration of the Victorian Railways Board until 1983, when its operations were divided following a major overhaul of the Victorian transport system.

Abolition of Victorian Railways 1983

Thereafter, the State Transport Authority (VA 1038) assumed responsibility for the provision of country rail and road, passenger and freight services, while the Metropolitan Transit Authority (VA 1044) assumed responsibility for the operation of metropolitan rail services.

Location of Records

See list below and List of Holdings 2nd edition 1985, section 3.21.0

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- Bridge Stress Level Graphs, Structural Design Section VPRS 13913 North Melbourne Open
? 1854 - ? 1920 Correspondence and Administration Records (Engineer in Chief and Existing Lines Branches) VPRS 418 North Melbourne Open
? 1858 - ? 1977 Outward Letter Books VPRS 431 North Melbourne Open
? 1867 - ? 1956 Index to Inward Correspondence VPRS 427 North Melbourne Open
? 1878 - ? 1892 Index to Correspondence, Existing Lines Branch VPRS 435 North Melbourne Open
? 1878 - ? 1929 Railway Lines, Plans and Sections VPRS 5751 North Melbourne Open
? 1879 - ? 2006 Railway Rolling Stock Drawings and Tracings VPRS 3426 North Melbourne Part Open
? 1882 - ? 1920 Loco Running Service and Conduct Register VPRS 12735 North Melbourne Open
? 1883 - ? 1883 Minute Book [Melbourne and Suburban Railway Company] VPRS 6551 North Melbourne Open
? 1883 - ? 1921 Staff Register, Transportation Branch VPRS 12774 North Melbourne Open
? 1883 - ? 1963 Estate Office Correspondence Index, Property Group VPRS 18056 North Melbourne Open
? 1884 - ? 1989 Passenger Fares History Records, Commercial and Marketing Branch VPRS 12954 North Melbourne Open
? 1885 - ? 1912 Workshop Employees Service and Conduct Register, Rolling Stock Branch VPRS 12736 North Melbourne Open
? 1886 - 1993 Signalling and Communications Drawings VPRS 13635 North Melbourne Closed
? 1887 - ? 1982 Employee History Sheets, Rolling Stock Branch VPRS 12596 North Melbourne Part Open
? 1888 - ? 1925 Record Book of Probationers, Traffic Branch VPRS 12553 North Melbourne Open
? 1888 - ? 1985 Location Index to Metropolitan Railway Station Building Plans/Drawings, Alphabetical by Station Name VPRS 18412 North Melbourne Open
? 1889 - ? 1928 Accident Compensation Claim Book, Claims Agent VPRS 13533 North Melbourne Open
? 1891 - ? 1891 Rough Diaries of Robert Watson [Engineer-in-Chief, Victorian Railways] VPRS 8883 North Melbourne Open
? 1892 - ? 1963 Index to Land Leasing Register VPRS 12409 North Melbourne Open
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1884 - cont Railway survey, construction and management VF 467
- 1892 Railway construction VF 466
1896 - 1900 Employment service VF 139
1911 - cont State coal mine VF 108
- 1939 Power station newport b VF 146
- 1951 Power station newport a VF 147
- 1959 Tourist bureaux, state, management VF 480
- 1983 Rail and road services, country VF 463
- 1983 Rail services, metropolitan VF 464
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1880 - 1884 Board of Land and Works VA 744
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1914 - 1926 Linton to Skipton Railway Construction Trust VA 2681
1919 - 1948 Railways Classification Board VA 4286
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1883 - 1934 Railways VRG 32
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