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Series title: Card Register of General Correspondence Files, Multiple Number System
Series number: VPRS 11233
Consignment number: P0001
Consignment description:
Public access: Open
Format: Physical
A list of records in this ConsignmentA list of records in this Consignment
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Unit No. Item Description Date Range Access Location
1 A5-1: Accidents, Emergency And Disaster TO D20-L52934: Debtors - Open North Melbourne
2 D20-L53003: Debtors TO L10-8: Land And Property - Open North Melbourne
3 L10-9-1: Land And Property TO O50-L11: Organisation - Open North Melbourne
4 O50-M2: Organisations TO P40-395-7: Plant Equip. And Machinery , - Open North Melbourne
5 P40-1940-1: Plant Equip. And Machinery TO S25-4: Sediment, Silt & Soil, - Open North Melbourne
6 S70-1: Superannuation And Pensions TO W60-2990: World Trade Centre, - Open North Melbourne
7 W60-3200: World Trade Centre TO W60-7600: World Trade Centre - Open North Melbourne