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Unit No. Item Description Date Range Access Location
1 1854/ To Hotham, from inhabitants of North Geelong & western suburbs for wharf at Geelong - Open North Melbourne
2 1852/2989 To La Trobe, from farmers, capitalists, tradesmen, mechanics etc. of Kyneton & district of Mount Macedon, agains selling land to the squatters at a valuation & by auction to other colonists; a postponement of the issue of leases is requested - Open North Melbourne
3 1852/2760 To La Trobe & members of the Executive Council, from the gold diggers of the Bendigo fields. About the prohibitive cost of food due to poor conditions of the roads. Request that 'a proportion of the immense gold revenue', be allotted to repair & maintenance of these roads. - Open North Melbourne
4 1855/12571 To La Trobe, from inhabitants of Richmond & Prahran. For erection of a bridge on the Yarra Yarra. - Open North Melbourne
5 1853/7831 To La Trobe, from the residents of the town of Geelong, demonstrating against the delay in the removal of the bar & deepening of the harbour. - Open North Melbourne
6 1854/3029 To La Trobe, from the residents of Richmond, requesting a municipality to be constituted. - Open North Melbourne
7 1854/13677 To Hotham, from inhabitants of Melbourne & vicinity. Requesting the appointment of a Committee of Inquiry into the state of gold fields and that the Diggers should nominate a portion of the Committee. - Open North Melbourne
8 1854/129 To La Trobe, from the residents of Collingwood. Requesting a letter delivery service. - Open North Melbourne
9 1855/951 To Hotham, from the residents of Sandhurst. About the possibility of the construction of a 'Grand Hulk Line' to serve the various gold fields. The line to have its terminus near the junction of the Campaspe & Goulburn Rivers, the Murray serving the purpose of the Mississippi of Australia. - Open North Melbourne
10 1858/6043 To Legislative Assembly, from the miners of Ararat, appealing against the rejection of the 'Increase of Members' Bill (Reform Bill) by the Legislative Council. Requesting that the Bill be re-passed again in the Legislative Assembly & presented again to the Legislative Council. - Open North Melbourne
11 1857/ Re: State aid to religion - for citizens of Melbourne. To Queen Victoria asking her to withhold Royal Assent to 60th clause of New Constitution appropriating (pound) 50,000 for religious purposes from public funds. - Open North Melbourne
12 1859/11985 To Chief Secretary, from the residnets of Snadridge, for incorporation. (Signatures only: for text see Victorian Government Gazette 2/12/1859) - Open North Melbourne
13 1857/1219 To Chief Secretary, from residnets of Emerald Hill. Praying that a new municipality will be constituted. - Open North Melbourne
14 1858 To the President, Vice-President & Members of the . (Board of Land & Works), from property owners of Collingwood & North Melbourne, requesting the construction of a road uniting Gertrude & Queensbury Streets. - Open North Melbourne
15 1858/10225 To Barkly, from inhabitants of the police district of Ballarat against the removal of Police Superintendent Foster from the district. - Open North Melbourne
16 1858/5108 To Barkly, from residents of Pleasant Creek. Requesting the dissolution of the Legislative Assembly as it does not in any practical measure forward the condition of the working class. Bill for increase of members also mentioned. - Open North Melbourne
17 1858/4948 To Barkly, from residents of Woodend, Kyneton, Gisborne, Castlemaine, Bendigo & Melbourne. Requesting mercy in the case of Thomas Fitzsimmons convicted & sentenced to 6 months imprisonment. - Open North Melbourne
18 1859/10453 To Chief Secretary, from miners, storekeepers & other residents of White Hills, Huntly, Epsom Flats, Iron Stone Hill. Requesting a revision & exemption from leases. - Open North Melbourne
19 1862/2015 To Barkly & Members of Excecutive Council, from inhabitants of Sandhurst. Requesting mercy for Henry Haig, convicted of the wilful murder of Isabella Riddle. - Open North Melbourne
20 1863/6051 To Barkly, from settlers & other residnets of Gippsland. Praying that he remit the sentence of Leonard Mason. - Open North Melbourne