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Series title: Kelly Historical Collection - Part 2 Crown Law Department
Series number: VPRS 4966
Consignment number: P0000
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Public access: Closed
Format: Physical
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Unit No. Item Description Date Range Access Location
1 - Closed (s11) North Melbourne
Item 1 Copy of Constable McIntyre's first report of the murders at Stringybark Creek. Photo & prison register of Ned Kelly included. 80/Z1605 1873 - 1880 Closed (s11) North Melbourne
Item 2 Queen vs Edward Kelly : Murder File, Statements from: Charles Johnston, Robert Scott, Snr. Const. Kelly, Srgt. Steele, Edward Living, Henry Dudley, George Stephens, Henry Arthur and Hugh Bracken 80/576, 80/A6859 1880 - Closed (s11) North Melbourne
Item 3 Edward Kelly: Gives statement of his murders of Srgt. Kennedy and others; and makes other threats (Euroa Letter) 80/T12640 1880 - Closed (s11) North Melbourne
Item 4 Beechworth Court of Assize: Regina vs. Ellen Kelly, William Williamson and William Skillion, charged with aiding and abetting Edward Kelly in an attempt to murder Alexander Fitzpatrick 1878 - 1878 Closed (s11) North Melbourne
Item 5 Regina vs Edward Kelly: Wilful murder, copy of statement handed by defendant to Mr. Living, Crown Solicitor's Office, Melbourne (Numbered 5759) ( Jerilderie Letter) Circa 1879 - Closed (s11) North Melbourne
Item 6 Regina vs Edward Kelly: Wilful murder of Thomas Lonigan. Brief for the prosecution. 1880 - Closed (s11) North Melbourne
2 - Closed (s11) North Melbourne
Item 7 Queen vs Edward Kelly, Depositions of: John Kelly, Edward Living, Henry McDougall, Robert Scott, Frank Beecroft, James Gloster, George Stephens, Samuel Reynolds, Thomas McIntyre 1880 - 1880 Closed (s11) North Melbourne
Item 8 Queenv vs Edward Kelly , Depositions of Thomas McIntyre, Samuel Reynolds, Robert McDougall, George Stephens, Frank Beecroft, John Reilly 1880 - Closed (s11) North Melbourne
Item 9 Photo of Wombat Ranges where troopers were shot Circa 1880 - Closed (s11) North Melbourne
Item 10 Ned Kelly Capital Case File 1880 1880 - 1880 Closed (s11) North Melbourne
3 - Closed (s11) North Melbourne
Item 11 Petitions for Reprieve: "To His Excellency the Governor in Council, Your humble petitioners respectfully pray that the life of the CONDEMNED man, Edward Kelly may be spared" 1880 - Closed (s11) North Melbourne