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Series title: Regional Land Office Parish and Township Plans Digitised Reference Set
Item title: Parish and Township Plans (H-K)
Item number: Plans H-K
Date range: 2001 - 2004
Public access: Open
Format: Digital

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Series number: VPRS 16171
Consignment number: P0001
Copyright in this material is held by the State of Victoria.
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Haddon Parish Plan, Imperial measure 2740
4554-16171-Plans H-K-Haddon(Psh)LOImp2740.pdf
27/2/2002 13817 KB
Haddon Parish Plan, Metric measure 2740
4554-16171-Plans H-K-Haddon(Psh)LOMet2740.pdf
20/5/2002 18359 KB
Haddon Township Plan, Imperial measure 5362
4554-16171-Plans H-K-Haddon(Tp)LOImp5362.pdf
1/5/2002 15145 KB
Haines Township Plan, Imperial measure 5363
4554-16171-Plans H-K-Haines(Tp)LOImp5363.pdf
12/12/2001 7933 KB
Haines Township Plan (copy), Imperial measure 5363
4554-16171-Plans H-K-Haines(Tp)LOImp(Copy)5363.pdf
12/12/2001 9875 KB
Hamilton North Parish Plan, Imperial measure 2741
4554-16171-Plans H-K-HamiltonNorth(Psh)LOImp2741.pdf
17/2/2004 14183 KB
Hamilton South -1 Parish Plan, Imperial measure 2742
4554-16171-Plans H-K-HamiltonSouth-1(Psh)LOImp2742.pdf
17/2/2004 14155 KB
Hamilton South -2 Parish Plan, Imperial measure 2742
4554-16171-Plans H-K-HamiltonSouth-2(Psh)LOImp2742.pdf
16/2/2004 11987 KB
Hamilton Township Plan, Imperial measure 5364
4554-16171-Plans H-K-Hamilton(Tp)LOImp5364.pdf
22/1/2004 16930 KB
Hamilton Township Plan - Street Map
4554-16171-Plans H-K-Hamilton(Tp)-StreetMap.pdf
22/1/2004 10769 KB
Hamilton Water Board - Plan of Macarthur Water District
4554-16171-Plans H-K-Hamilton-WaterBoard.pdf
27/1/2004 12241 KB
Happy Valley Township Plan, Imperial measure 5365
4554-16171-Plans H-K-HappyValley(Tp)LOImp5365.pdf
20/5/2002 10915 KB
Harcourt Parish Plan, Metric measure 2743
4554-16171-Plans H-K-Harcourt(Psh)LOMet2743.pdf
27/11/2003 18510 KB
Harcourt Parish Plan Schedule, Metric measure 2743
4554-16171-Plans H-K-Harcourt(Psh)LOMetSch2743.pdf
20/11/2003 6024 KB
Harcourt Township Plan, Imperial measure 5366
4554-16171-Plans H-K-Harcourt(Tp)LOImp5366.pdf
4/12/2002 10096 KB
Harrietville -1 Parish Plan, Imperial measure 2744
4554-16171-Plans H-K-Harrietville-1(Psh)LOImp2744.pdf
6/12/2001 12683 KB
Harrietville -2 Parish Plan, Imperial measure 2744
4554-16171-Plans H-K-Harrietville-2(Psh)LOImp2744.pdf
21/11/2001 15842 KB
Harrietville Township Plan, Imperial measure 5367
4554-16171-Plans H-K-Harrietville(Tp)LOImp5367.pdf
12/12/2001 8415 KB
Harrow Parish Plan, Imperial measure 2745
4554-16171-Plans H-K-Harrow(Psh)LOImp2745.pdf
1/5/2004 15490 KB
Harrow Township Plan, Imperial measure 5368
4554-16171-Plans H-K-Harrow(Tp)LOImp5368.pdf
18/5/2004 12084 KB
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