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Function VF 313
Government information service
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Is this the right Function?Is this the right Function?
  • Use this Function for
    Provision to the public of information and advice on government administration, organisations, services and locations.
    Co-ordination of government information activities
    Centralised public distribution and sale of publications produced by government departments and authorities as well as Victorian Acts and Regulations.
    Consultancy to government agencies on information strategies
    Information Victoria 1986 - ct
    Marketing re services housed within the Information Victoria Centre

  • Do not use this Function for
    Migrant Advisory Bureau
    Anti-Discrimination Bureau
    Women's Advisory Bureau

Description of this FunctionDescription of this Function

In 1975 the Government established the Community Services Centre. The Centre consisted of six bureaux, each designed to provide service and advice to members of the community. As a result of a rationalisation program conducted within the Department of the Premier (VA 2717), the Centre ceased to exist, as such, and in November 1981 the Government Information Bureau, retitled the Victorian Government Information Centre, was transferred to the Department of Property and Services (VA 430).

The Community Services Centre comprised a Migrant Advisory Bureau, an Anti-Discrimination Bureau, a Government Information Office and bookshop and a Women's Advisory Office.

Information Victoria was established in late 1986 and comprises a telephone and counter information and referral service; a clearinghouse of government literature; the government bookshop and a specialist outlet for Victoria titles. In addition the Information Victoria Centre housed the Public Record Office Search Room for some years, the government Mapshop, Health Sharing Women and City Occasional Child Care and these services were included in all marketing and public activity.

Information Victoria also has a role in the development of policy on government information and the development of operational systems and guidelines.

The Department of Property and Services (VA 430) was abolished in January 1991 and Information Victoria was transferred to the Ministry of Ethnic, Municipal and Community Affairs (VA 3015).

In October 1992 machinery of government changes resulted in the transfer of Information Victoria to the Department of Finance (VA 3016). Since 1996 it has been in the Department of Treasury and Finance.

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Agencies with prime responsibility for this FunctionAgencies with prime responsibility for this Function
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Date of Responsibility Agency Title Agency Number
- 1981 Department of the Premier (also known as Premier's Department 1960-1982) VA 2717
1981 - 1991 Department of Property and Services VA 430
1992 - cont Department of Finance (previously known as Ministry of Finance 1991-1992) VA 3016
1995 - 1996 Department of Arts, Sport and Tourism VA 3095
1996 - 2002 Department of the Premier and Cabinet VA 1039
2002 - 2007 Department for Victorian Communities VA 4562
Other Agencies responsible for this FunctionOther Agencies responsible for this Function
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Date of Responsibility Agency Title Agency Number
Groups related to this FunctionGroups related to this Function
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Date of Responsibility Group Title Group Number
- 1981 Premier VRG 50
1981 - 1991 Property and Services VRG 69
1991 - cont Finance VRG 100
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