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    Monitoring and controlling government expenditure
    Evaluating the effectiveness of government programmes

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The Port Phillip District was established as part of the Colony of New South Wales in 1836 and Captain William Lonsdale became its Police Magistrate with responsibilities for the District's general superintendence In December 1838, Sub-Collector of Customs Webb also became responsible for the collection of other revenue, including that from land sales, and was appointed Sub-Collector of Internal Revenue and Sub-Treasurer (Historical Records of Victoria, Volume 4, p.69). The Sub-Treasurer continued to have responsibility for revenue collection and control over expenditure under the Superintendent from 1839 to 1851. Following separation from New South Wales in 1851 a Colonial Treasurer was appointed, assuming financial superintendence from the New South Wales Colonial Treasurer and local functions from the Superintendent

During the years 1851 to 1855 chief executive authority rested with the Governor advised by the Executive Council. The main departments of government were those of the Colonial Secretary and the principal colonial officials or principal officers of government, including the Treasurer, Auditor-General, Surveyor-General, Collector of Customs (later the Commissioner of Trade and Customs), and Postmaster-General. The Colonial Secretary was the chief official and all other colonial officials communicated with the Lieutenant-Governor (later Governor) via his office.

Financial Management

The Treasurer has traditionally been responsible for the administration of the State's finances, including economic policy, financial planning, resource management, investment and loan-raising, budget preparation, revenue-raising and collection, and the control and monitoring of government expenditure. Following the appointment of the first Minister for Finance in January 1991 the Treasurer lost control of the control and monitoring of government expenditure and the Comptroller-General. Similar to the Commonwealth model the government created a finance ministry separate from the Treasurer's portfolio to monitor and control government expenditure and to evaluate the effectiveness of government programs.

As part of the new portfolio the Effectiveness Review and the Strategic Analysis Units were established to help the budget management and control process.

This separation of revenue collection from budget allocation was only short lived. Following the election of a new Government in October 1992, responsibility for the budget oversight functions was returned to the Treasurer's portfolio in October 1992.

Significant machinery of government changes impacted on the administration of this function in January 1991, January 1992 and October 1992. Responsibility for aspects of the finance function moved back and forth three times from Property and Services to Finance ,thence to Treasury and then back to Finance.

The following functions were transferred from the Treasurer's portfolio:

government expenditure - monitoring and control of (back to the Treasurer in October 1992);

Comptroller-General's division - management of the government's bank account .The (the Accounting Audit and Policy Unit was not transferred until January 1992).

Following the 1996 election the administration of the portfolios of Treasury and Finance was again amalgamated . into the Department of Treasury and Finance.
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Agencies with prime responsibility for this FunctionAgencies with prime responsibility for this Function
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Date of Responsibility Agency Title Agency Number
- 1839 Police Magistrate Port Phillip District VA 472
1839 - 1851 Superintendent, Port Phillip District VA 473
1851 - 1982 Department of the Treasurer (also known as Treasury and Treasurer's Office) VA 865
1960 - cont Office of the Valuer-General VA 2322
1982 - 1990 Department of Management and Budget VA 1022
1986 - cont Emergency Services Superannuation Board VA 4197
1990 - 1991 Department of the Treasury VA 3007
1991 - 1991 Department of Property and Services VA 430
1991 - 1995 Department of the Treasury VA 3007
1995 - 1995 Department of Finance (previously known as Ministry of Finance 1991-1992) VA 3016
1995 - cont Department of Treasury and Finance VA 3745
1995 - cont Victorian Government Purchasing Board VA 4267
1999 - cont Government Superannuation Office VA 4262
Circa 1976 - cont Registry of Permanent Building Societies VA 1781
Other Agencies responsible for this FunctionOther Agencies responsible for this Function
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Date of Responsibility Agency Title Agency Number
Groups related to this FunctionGroups related to this Function
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Date of Responsibility Group Title Group Number
- 1839 Police Magistrate, Port Phillip District VRG 7
1839 - 1851 Superintendent, Port Phillip District VRG 11
1851 - 1991 Treasurer VRG 23
1991 - cont Finance VRG 100