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Industry and Employment
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Date Range: 1992 - 1996
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This group includes the Minister for Industry and Employment and the Department of Business and Employment.

The following Ministers were commissioned for the first time as part of the change of Ministry on 6 October 1992:
Minister for Industry and Employment
Minister for Industry Services
Minister for Youth Affairs
Minister for Regional Development
Minister for WorkCare.

The Hon. P.A. Gude was commissioned as Minister for Industry and Employment, Minister for Industry Services and Minister for Youth Affairs as well as Minister for Small Business (first commissioned January 1991). The Hon. R.M. Hallam was commissioned Minister for Regional Development and Minister for WorkCare as well as Minister for Local Government (first commissioned in 1958 and recommissioned at this time).

On 9 November 1992 the Hon. R. Pescott was commissioned Minister for Industry Services and the Hon. V.P. Heffernan was commissioned Minister for Small Business and Minister for Youth Affairs. These appointments occurred following amendment to the Constitution Act 1975 to allow the Executive Council to increase to 22 members.

The Department of Business and Employment was established in October 1992 as the "Victorian Government's key business agency" serving the following Ministerial portfolios:
Industry and Employment
Industry Services
Regional Development
WorkCare (later WorkCover)
Small Business
Youth Affairs.
These Ministerial responsibilities were merged under the one Department to "ensure a comprehensive and co-ordinated response to the needs of business and industry".

Following the re-election of the Kennett Government in April 1996 an Industry, Science and Technology portfolio was established with the appointment of a Minister for Industry, Science and Technology. This portfolio comprises the whole of the former Industry and Employment (VRG 116) and Industry Services (VRG 108) portfolios.


Minister for Industry and Employment 1992-1996
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Date within Group Agency Title Agency Number Agency Hierarchy
1992 - 1992 Board of Examiners for Steam Engine Drivers and Boiler Attendants VA 1366 Other Instrumentalities
1992 - 1993 Industrial Relations Commission VA 1009 Statutory Authority
1992 - 1996 Department of Business and Employment VA 3096 Dept. of State
1993 - 1996 Employee Relations Commission VA 3125 Other Instrumentalities
Functions related to this GroupFunctions related to this Group
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Date within Group Function Title Function Number
1992 - 1992 Coal miners' superannuation VF 74
1992 - 1992 Dangerous goods VF 150
1992 - 1992 Cinematograph operators VF 253
1992 - 1992 Employment of children VF 267
1992 - 1992 Engine drivers and boiler attendants, certification of VF 352
1992 - 1992 Scaffolding inspectors and scaffolders, certification of VF 356
1992 - 1992 Scaffolding regulations VF 357
1992 - 1992 Welders of boilers and pressure vessels, certification of VF 361
1992 - 1996 Industrial relations VF 224
1992 - 1996 Construction industry long service leave VF 349
1992 - 1996 Employment VF 362
1992 - cont Discharged servicemen's employment VF 51
1992 - cont Industrial relations (public sector) VF 168
1992 - cont Agent-general and trade commissioners VF 286
1992 - cont Industrial relations (medical and hospital staff) VF 354