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Group VRG 123
Environment and Conservation (previously Conservation and Land Management)
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Date Range: 1996 - cont
Description of this GroupDescription of this Group
Following the re-election of the Kennett Government in April 1996 a Conservation and Land Management portfolio was established with the appointment of a Minister for Conservation and Land Management. This portfolio comprises the whole of the former Conservation and Environment (VRG 94) portfolio and parts of the Attorney-General (VRG 19), Finance (VRG 100), Natural Resources (VRG 94) and Planning (VRG 65) portfolios.


Minister for Conservation and Land Management 1996-ct

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Agencies within this GroupAgencies within this Group
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Date within Group Agency Title Agency Number Agency Hierarchy
1996 - 1998 Alpine Resorts Commission VA 2645
1996 - 1998 Victorian Plantations Corporation VA 4684
1996 - 2002 Department of Natural Resources and the Environment VA 3972 Dept. of State
1996 - 2002 Corangamite Catchment Management Authority (formerly Corangamite Catchment and Land Protecti n Board) VA 4224 Other Instrumentalities
1996 - 2002 East Gippsland Catchment Management Authority (formerly East Gippsland Catchment and Land Protection Board) VA 4225 Other Instrumentalities
1996 - 2002 Glenelg-Hopkins Catchment Management Authority (formerly Glenelg Catchment and Land Protection Council) VA 4226 Other Instrumentalities
1996 - 2002 Goulburn-Broken Catchment Management Authority (formerly Goulburn Catchment and Land Protection Council) VA 4227 Other Instrumentalities
1996 - 2002 Mallee Catchment Management Authority (formerly Mallee Catchment and Land Protection Authority) VA 4228 Other Instrumentalities
1996 - 2002 North Central Catchment Management Authority (formerly North Central Catchment and Land Protec ion Board) VA 4229 Other Instrumentalities
1996 - 2002 North East Catchment Management Authority (formerly North East Catchment and Land Protectio Board) VA 4230 Other Instrumentalities
1996 - 2002 West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority (formerly West Gippsland Catchment and Land Prote tion Board) VA 4231 Other Instrumentalities
1996 - 2002 Wimmera Catchment Management Authority (formerly Wimmera Catchment and Land Protection Board) VA 4232 Other Instrumentalities
1996 - 2002 Port Phillip Catchment and Land Protection Board VA 4233 Other Instrumentalities
1996 - cont Environment Protection Authority VA 1058 Statutory Authority
1996 - cont Royal Botanic Gardens Board VA 3124 Statutory Authority
1996 - cont Victorian Catchment Management Council (formerly Victorian Catchment and Land Protection Council) VA 4223 Other Instrumentalities
1996 - cont Victorian Coastal Council VA 4249 Statutory Authority
1996 - cont Western Coast Regional Coastal Board (Western Coastal Board) VA 4250 Other Instrumentalities
1996 - cont Central Coast Regional Coastal Board VA 4251 Other Instrumentalities
1996 - cont Gippsland Lakes Regional Coastal Board VA 4252 Other Instrumentalities
Functions related to this GroupFunctions related to this Group
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Date within Group Function Title Function Number
1996 - 2002 Vermin, destruction in forests VF 132
1996 - 2002 Noxious weeds destruction in forests VF 133
1996 - cont Forests VF 30
1996 - cont Fisheries and wildlife VF 98
1996 - cont Rural water supply VF 122
1996 - cont Melbourne water supply and sewerage VF 123
1996 - cont Soil conservation VF 178
1996 - cont Zoos VF 180
1996 - cont Coastal management VF 236
1996 - cont Environment protection VF 328
1996 - cont Parks and reserves VF 399
1997 - cont Planning (crown land use) VF 238
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