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Date Range: 1874 - cont
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The Premier's Group is dated from 1874 when the head of government in Victoria was for the first time titled as Premier although a Premier's Office was not established until 1883 and the first commissioning of a Premier did not take place until 1936. To 1936 the Group includes the Ministerial portfolios of the Attorney-General, Treasurer, Chief Secretary, Solicitor-General and Minister of Water Supply. The group also includes the Minister for Federal Affairs 1975 to 1982. The prime agencies are the Premier's Office (VA 672), Department of the Premier (VA 2717) and the Department of the Premier and Cabinet (VA 1039).

Premier as a Commissioned Office

On 23 December 1936 the Premier became a commissioned Ministerial office with salary and separate portfolio responsibilities.

Between 1936 and 1982 the Premier also held the portfolio of Treasurer.

Relationship to Cabinet

Although the Premier has been responsible, since 1982, for the co-ordination of cabinet business through the Cabinet Office, located within the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, the Cabinet Office is currently registered as part of the Cabinet (VA 2989) which is within the scope of the Executive group (see VRG 17). See VRG 17 Executive for information about the structure and history of Government in Victoria.

Portfolio Responsibilities

In addition to the head of government role the Premier's portfolio has included a diverse range of functions. In quite a number of cases the Premier has been involved in the development or sponsorship of new initiatives which have subsequently transferred to other Ministers. In other cases the Premier has had administrative responsibility for agencies which were located in the Premier's Department but reported to another Minister. Examples include the Ministry for Fuel and Power (VA 627) and the Tourist Development Authority (VA 2918) which are included in both the Premier's Group and the Ministerial Group relating to the responsible Minister - in these examples they were the Minister for Fuel and Power (VRG 47) and the Minister for State Development and Decentralisation (VRG 51) respectively. The Premier has also been responsible for matters receiving priority attention by the Government, which have included policies relating to natural resources and the environment, urban and regional development, economic matters, labour and industry, industrial affairs and ethnic affairs. The Premier has also had responsibility for various Government and interdepartmental committees.

Federal Affairs

A Minister for Federal Affairs was commissioned in 1975. The portfolio was abolished in 1982. Although the Premier did not necessarily hold the Federal Affairs portfolio it has been included in the Premier's group because the Ministry of Federal Affairs was established as a division of the Department of the Premier (VA 2717) and has not been registered as a separate agency. Researchers seeking access to federal affairs material should see VA 2717.

Location of Records

Substantial holdings of the Department of the Premier (VA 2717) 1936 to 1982 and its predecessor the Premier's Office (VA 672) 1883 to 1936 have been transferred to the Public Record Office, as well as significant records from the Public Service Board (VA 886) and its predecessors, and the Audit Office (VA 1031). Records relating to the head of government function for the period 1855 to 1883 are included in those of the Chief Secretary (VA 475). For the period from 1874 to 1982, there may also be relevant records amongst those of the Treasurer's Department (VA 865).

See also List of Holdings 2nd edition 1985, sections 3.16.5 (Chief Secretary), 3.17.0 (Premier), 3.22.1 (Treasurer).


Attorney-General 1874-1875 (see also VRG 19)
Treasurer 1875-1877 (see also VRG 23)
Chief Secretary 1877-1880 (see also VRG 26)
Treasurer 1880-1880
Chief Secretary and Treasurer 1880-1881
Attorney-General and Treasurer 1881-1883
Treasurer 1883-1892
Attorney-General 1892-1893
Chief Secretary 1893-1894
Treasurer 1894-1899
Chief Secretary 1899-1900
Treasurer 1900-1902
Attorney-General 1902-1903
Treasurer 1903-1909
Chief Secretary 1909-1912
Treasurer 1912-1917
Chief Secretary 1917-1918
Attorney-General 1918-1919
Solicitor-General 1920-1920 (see also VRG 19)
Minister of Water Supply 1921-1924 (see also VRG 36)
Treasurer 1924-1924
Minister of Water Supply 1924-1927
Treasurer 1927-1936
Premier 1936-ct
Minister for Federal Affairs 1975-1982

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Agencies within this GroupAgencies within this Group
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Date within Group Agency Title Agency Number Agency Hierarchy
? 1950 - 1972 State Film Centre VA 2325 Other Instrumentalities
1883 - 1936 Premier's Office (also known as Premier's Department) VA 672 Other Instrumentalities
1936 - 1982 Department of the Premier (also known as Premier's Department 1960-1982) VA 2717 Dept. of State
1936 - 1984 Victorian Government Motor Transport Committee VA 1832 Other Instrumentalities
1937 - 1992 Public Service Board (known as Public Service Commissioner 1901-40) VA 886 Sub Department
1940 - 1949 Soil Conservation Authority (previously known as Soil Conservation Board 1940-1947; Land Conservation Authority 1947-1950) VA 1056 Statutory Authority
1942 - 1943 Victorian Industries Location Committee VA 2275 Other Instrumentalities
1944 - 1983 Natural Disaster and Emergency Relief Committees VA 1842 Other Instrumentalities
1949 - 1960 Sir Colin MacKenzie Sanctuary Committee of Management VA 3976 Other Instrumentalities
1949 - 1960 Organising Committee for the XVIth Olympiad Melbourne [1956] VA 4153 Other Instrumentalities
1951 - 1965 Gas and Fuel Corporation VA 1040 Major Statutory Authority
1956 - 1971 Wilson's Promontory National Park VA 542
1956 - 1971 Mount Buffalo National Park VA 543
1956 - 1971 Kinglake National Park VA 546
1956 - 1981 Victoria Promotion Committee VA 2920 Statutory Authority
1957 - 1971 National Parks Service [known as National Parks Authority 1957-1971] VA 549 Sub Department
1958 - 1971 Mallacoota Inlet National Park Committee of Management VA 4708
1959 - 1970 State Wildlife Reserves Investigation Committee VA 3977 Other Instrumentalities
1959 - 1971 Fraser National Park Committee of Management VA 4706
1960 - 1971 Mount Richmond National Park Committee of Management VA 4705
Functions related to this GroupFunctions related to this Group
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Date within Group Function Title Function Number
1874 - cont Head of government VF 64
1936 - 1985 Agent-general and trade commissioners VF 286
1937 - cont Public service VF 68
- 1943 Regional development VF 170
- 1949 Soil conservation VF 178
- 1950 Discharged servicemen's employment VF 51
- 1965 Gas and fuel VF 148
- 1971 National parks VF 173
- 1972 Industrial relations (public sector) VF 168
- 1972 Film library and theatre VF 195
- 1976 Ethnic affairs VF 231
1977 - 1983 Industrial relations (public sector) VF 168
- 1981 Government information service VF 313
- 1982 Employment (community consultation) VF 351
- 1985 Equal opportunity VF 59
1985 - 1992 Solicitor-general VF 169
- 1991 Clean up australia day VF 332
1991 - 1992 Community council against violence VF 333
- 1992 Coode island chemical storage (relocation of) VF 334