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Police and Emergency Services
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Date Range: 1979 - cont
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The Minister for Police and Emergency Services was appointed on 1 July 1979, taking over from the Chief Secretary (VRG 26) responsibilities for law enforcement, policing, fire protection and emergency services, aspects of road safety and traffic management, motor registration and driver licensing.

Police, Fire Protection and Emergency Services

The Minister is responsible for policies and programs directed towards:
the maintenance of law and order, including the preservation of peace, protection of life and property, and the prevention and detection of crime
fire prevention and protection
co-ordination of emergency services and minimising the effects of disasters
registration of agencies.

A central co-ordinating agency for these functions, the Ministry for Police and Emergency Services (VA 421), was established in 1979. A number of large statutory authorities have operational responsibility for them, including VA 724 Victoria Police, VA 483 Metropolitan Fire Brigades Board, VA 482 Country Fire Authority and the State Emergency Service.

As the Victoria Police Force (VA 724) incorporates the Office of the Chief Commissioner of Police, which performs a central management and administration role for the Force, it has been included in this Group as well as in VRG 10 Police, which includes police operational units.

Road Safety, Traffic Management, Motor Registration and Driver Licensing

Motor registration and driver licensing, the responsibility of the Motor Registration Branch (VA 488) within the Victoria Police (VA 724) until 1981, subsequently passed to the Transport portfolio (VRG 49). Responsibility for the Road Safety and Traffic Authority (VA 487) also passed to the Minister of Transport in 1981. Responsibility for co-ordinating traffic management, and the prevention and reporting of road accidents had originally been vested in the Country Roads Board (VA 722) under the Minister for Local Government (VRG 57). In 1971 this responsibility was assumed by the newly formed Road Safety and Traffic Authority (VA 487) within the Chief Secretary's portfolio (VRG 26). However the Victoria Police Force (VA 724) had a continuing role in road safety and traffic management, especially through its Traffic Operations Division. (NOTE: Further research is required to clarify ministerial and agency responsibilities for traffic management and to adequately describe co-ordinating mechanisms. A number of agencies in the Transport (VRG 49) and Police and Emergency Services portfolios have related responsibilities under the Road Traffic and Road Transport Acts).

Community Council Against Violence

The Community Council Against Violence was established in 1989 to provide advice to the Government about violence in the community. As part of machinery of government changes announced in January 1991 responsibility for the Council passed to the Premier (VRG 50).

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See List of Holdings 2nd edition, 1985, section 12.0.0.

Minister for Police and Emergency Services 1979-ct

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Agencies within this GroupAgencies within this Group
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Date within Group Agency Title Agency Number Agency Hierarchy
1979 - 1981 Road Safety And Traffic Authority VA 487 Major Statutory Authority
1979 - 1992 Ministry for Police and Emergency Services VA 421 Dept. of State
1979 - 1997 Metropolitan Fire Brigades Board VA 483 Major Statutory Authority
1979 - cont Victoria Police (including Office of the Chief Commissioner of Police) VA 724 Sub Department
1986 - 1988 Police Complaints Authority VA 2834 Statutory Authority
1989 - 1991 Victorian Community Council Against Violence VA 4275 Other Instrumentalities
1997 - cont Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board VA 4363 Statutory Authority
Functions related to this GroupFunctions related to this Group
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Date within Group Function Title Function Number
1979 - 1981 Motor registration and driver licensing VF 159
1979 - 1981 Road safety and traffic management VF 160
1979 - cont Police VF 10
1979 - cont Fire services VF 223
- 1983 Motor car insurance premiums, regulation of VF 308
- 1985 Metropolitan fire brigades superannuation board VF 79
1986 - 1988 Police, investigation of complaints concerning VF 301
- 1991 Community council against violence VF 333