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Housing and Construction
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Date Range: 1987 - 1991
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Appointment and Functions

The Minister for Housing and Construction was appointed on 14 December 1987.

The Minister assumed responsibility for functions previously administered by the Minister for Housing (VRG 53) including:

the development and implementation of State Government public housing policy

development of the role of the public sector in the provision of adequate and suitable housing

providing financial assistance and information to home buyers and renovators

providing rental accommodation through the Government's rental housing programme

administration of the Urban Land Authority (VA 1358) established under the Urban Land Authority Act 1979 (No.9320) to provide developed and development allotments, facilitate the disposal of surplus government land and assist in urban planning policy formulation.

The Minister also became responsible for the functions previously administered by the Minister of Public Works (VRG 28) including:

the planning, programming, design and construction of non-residential public buildings

the restoration and maintenance of existing buildings for the Government and agencies funded from the State Budget.

However due to industrial action effective transfer of these functions does not appear to have occurred until after June 1988.

In August 1988 responsibility for functions relating to furniture, stores and equipment supply, fitout of Government accommodation, and maintenance of airconditioning in Government buildings passed to the Property and Services Portfolio (VRG 69).

Location of Records

No records have so far been transferred to the Public Record Office.


Minister for Housing and Construction 1987-1991.

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Agencies within this GroupAgencies within this Group
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Date within Group Agency Title Agency Number Agency Hierarchy
1987 - 1991 Urban Land Corporation (formerly known as the Urban Land Authority) VA 1358 Statutory Authority
1987 - 1991 Architects Registration Board of Victoria VA 1422 Statutory Authority
1987 - 1991 Ministry of Housing and Construction VA 2907 Dept. of State
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Date within Group Function Title Function Number
1987 - 1988 Buildings, government (outfitting) VF 218
1987 - 1988 Supply of furniture, stores and equipment VF 219
1987 - 1991 Buildings, government (design and construction) VF 14
1987 - 1991 Housing, public VF 174