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Date Range: 1987 - 1996
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Establishment and Functions

A Minister responsible for Major Projects was first appointed in 1987 and assumed responsibility for major state projects involving the development and sale of government land from the Minister for Housing (VRG 53). The creation of a separate portfolio for Major Projects reflected the Government's concern to promote the efficient use of government owned land.

The functions relating to major projects were established by the Urban Land Authority Act 1979 (No.9320). The main responsibility of the portfolio is to co-ordinate projects relating to government-owned sites considered to be of importance to the State through the acquisition, development and sale of land.

Responsibility for carrying out this function lies with the Victorian Government Major Projects Unit and a number of the powers established by the Urban Land Authority Act, 1979 (No.9320) have been delegated to the Major Projects Unit, in respect of projects designated as major projects. This includes the power to:

invite tenders
evaluate and select between proposals
arrange and execute financial and legal agreements
supervise construction.

When the portfolio was established, the Minister for Agriculture and Rural Affairs, at the time Mr Evan Walker, was appointed as Minister responsible for Major Projects, however there was no administrative or functional link between the two portfolios. Similarly, although some of the functions and operations of the portfolio are closely linked with those of other Ministries such as Planning and Environment and Transport, the portfolio is independent of these ministerial groups.

Projects which the Government has designated as major projects to date (1989) include the sale of the former Willsmere Hospital in Kew, the development of the "Bayside" site in Port Melbourne as a tourist, commercial and residential enterprise and the redevelopment of the Lynch's Bridge Saleyards and Abattoirs, West Melbourne.

Following the re-election of the Kennett Government in April 1996 the major projects portfolio ceased to exist and responsibility passed to the Minister for Planning and Local Government (VRG 126).

Location of Records

Only a small quality of records has so far been transferred to the Public Record Office.


Minister Responsible for Major Projects 1987-1996
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1987 - 1996 Office of Major Projects [known as the Victorian Government Major Projects Unit 1987-1992] VA 2979 Dept. of State
1992 - 1996 Department of Planning and Development VA 3094 Dept. of State
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1987 - 1996 Major development projects co-ordination VF 277