Series VPRS 12907
Photographic Collection: Photographic Prints and Slides:Tramways
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Date Range: Series ? 1951 - ? 2000
  Series in Custody ? 1951 - ? 2000
  Contents - Circa 1992
Public Access: Open
Location: North Melbourne
Format of Records: Physical
Agency which created this SeriesAgency which created this Series
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Date Range Agency Title Agency Number
? 1951 - 1983 Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways Board VA 2694
1983 - 1989 State Transport Authority VA 1038
1983 - 1989 Metropolitan Transit Authority VA 1044
1989 - ? 1999 Public Transport Corporation VA 2984
1999 - 2000 Department of Infrastructure VA 3971
Agency currently responsible for this SeriesAgency currently responsible for this Series
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Date Range Agency Title Agency Number
2012 - cont Public Transport Victoria VA 4968
2014 - cont Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure VA 5003
Description of this SeriesDescription of this Series
  • How to use the Records
    None of the images in this series have yet been digitised by PROV. Browse through the lists to items of interest and order the unit containing those images.

  • Function / Content
    This series consists of photographic prints and slides created by the agencies responsible for managing tramways in Victoria. Images depicted in this series include trams, personnel, accidents and, during the 1980s, buses operated by Government agencies.

    Between c 1990 and June 2000, all of the items in this series were maintained within a Photographic Collection that had been established by the Public Transport Corporation. This series is one of a number of series that have been created following transfer of the Photographic Collection to PROV.


    These prints were made primarily to identify the negative containing the original image, although some prints were made by Photographic Library staff specifically for inclusion in this series. Three print sequences were created from different sequences of negatives. (The negatives sequences are yet to be processed by PROV.)

    Most of these prints have been pasted onto specially made cards which are, at a minimum level, annotated with the negative number. The majority of cards also record a category. subject, date of photograph, photographer and title of image.

    Unfortunately, the prints are not arranged according to the order imposed on the negatives. Rather, these have been arranged into broad categories and then by subject within these categories. Neither the broad categories or subjects were arranged in any discernable order. Consequently it was decided to register the prints into separate consignments according to the parent negative sequence, maintaining the order in which these prints were found. The consignments are as follows:

    - Prints from MMTB/STA & MTA negative single number sequence (refer to consignment P00001)

    This sequence was originally established by the Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways Board in 1951 and was continued by Metropolitan Transit Authority and the Public Transport Corporation until 1992. Imagines were numbered sequentially in a sequence encompassing 1 - 21,499 all with an MMTB prefix.

    - Prints from Tramways "Historical" negative sequence (refer to consignment P0002)

    This sequence spans a small number of images that were deemed by the MMTB to have some historical value. The negatives were allocated numbers within the range H1 - H741. The actual date range spanned by these images is unknown.

    - Prints from MMTB/MTA & PTC accidents sequence (refer to P0003 consignment)

    This sequence consists of images documenting tramway accidents between 1980-1990 which were taken for claims purposes. The negatives in this sequence were numbered between 1-1676, each with an A prefix.


    The slides in this series mostly depict images in colour and were taken from the 1950's onwards. Images have been arranged into three sequences by PROV staff, as follows:

    - MMTB/MTA & PTC slides; slide sheet order (refer to consignment P0004)

    All of the slides in this sequences were found stored within slide sheets. Each image contains a 2 number control number (e.g. 3 - 123). In this content the first number identifies the sheet and the second number identifies the position of the image within the sheet. Each individual image has been identified in the description list in the PROV online catalogue. There is no discernable order, chronological or otherwise, to these sheets. Essentially, the sheets are arranged in a random category then subject order much like the photographic prints.

    - a small number of "slide spares", date range unknown. (refer to consignment P0005), and

    - a sequence identified by the creating agencies as containing "Miscellaneous Slides" (refer to the P0006 consignment). This has been interpreted by PROV as meaning these images are not controlled in the sheet number sequence.

  • Recordkeeping System

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P0001 1951 - 1992 Open 22
P0002 - Open 1
P0003 1980 - 1990 Open 3
P0004 Circa 1951 - Open 12
P0005 1955 - 1984 Open 3
P0006 Circa 1985 - Circa 1992 Open 3
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