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Series title: Maternal and Child Health Services (Infant Welfare) Publications and Resources
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A Guide to the Care of Young Children, a text book for workers in the field of Maternal and Child Health, By Kate Campbell and A. Elizabeth Wilmot, Department of Health C.H.Rixon, Government Printer, Melbourne 7294/72 -
Jubilee Conference on Maternal and Child Health and newspaper article about Jubilee. By authority: C.H.Rixon, Government Printer, Melbourne 1976 - 1976
Maternal and Child Health and Welfare Services Overseas, a Brief Report, I Bell Broderick, City of Melbourne City of Melbourne 1964 - 1964
Summary document describing the role and function of Maternal and Child Health nurse and the outcomes of the service Written in preparation for machinery og Government change 1987 - 1987
The Public Health Department with the Co-operation of the Country Women's Association brings Infant Service to Isolated Country Homes. By Anne H Dreyer, KTC. Dip (Melb)., Pre-School Educational Adviser of the Public Health Department by authority, H.E. Daw, Government printer, Melbourne. 3407/43 -