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Series title: Kelly Historical Collection - Part 5: Miscellaneous Records
Unit number: 1
Date range: -
Public access: Closed (s11)
Format: Box
Location: North Melbourne

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Series number: VPRS 4969
Consignment number: P0000
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Description Date Range
10 Notices of additional witnesses to be called to trial 1880 - 1880
11 Telegram: Constable Gray advises that J. Curtain, shoemaker, should be challenged as juror. Memo: Witness Tarleton amends his statement (undated) 1880 -
12 Subpoena: Frederick Brennan summonsed 1880 -
13 Telegram: Presentments posted to Prothonotary 1880 -
14 Statement: draft affidavit to oppose application to Kelly's trial postponement 1880 -
15 Report: trouble serving subpoena to Fitzgerald to get to Melbourne in time 336/80 1880 -
16 Various reports, memos & depositions re: death of Kennedy, Lonigan & Scanlan. Documents relating to Mrs.Gill`s whereabouts and Kelly`s personal papers. 804/80 & J1323 1880 - 1880
17 Memos: re the whereabouts of William Fitzgerald of Younghusband's Station. Statement Fitzgerald tells of his encounter with Kelly at Younghusbands Station 1880 - 1880
18 Various: Letter from J. Byrne to Aaron Sherritt; Phrenologist seeks permission to perform an examination on N. Kelly; Letter to J. Sherritt from Aaron & Byrne; Kelly`s letter to Mr. Cameron; Reward increased to 1000 Pounds, Summons in Government Gazette. 1878 - 1880
19 Claim on Kelly Reward Board by A. A. McPhee. 1880 - 1881
1 Claim: G. Dowsett to the Kelly Reward Board for his role in Kelly's capture along with Superintendant Sadleir & party from Glenrowan. 1880 - 1881
20 Claimants on Kelly Reward Board by (a) R. Coleman & J. Stewart (fireman); (b) J. Boroman & H. Hollows (driver & fireman). 1880 - 1881
21 Kelly Reward Board: claim by (a) C.Stephens, Stationmaster associated police reports & Board notes; (b) F. Bell, guard on train conveying police; Board notes. 1880 - 1881
22 Reports: Confidential re progress of pursuit of Kelly; comprehensive analyses including action of police & statement of accounts with monthly cost breakdown - extended to 29.12.1880 in pursuit of gang 19,000. 1878 - 1880
23 Memo: Depositions taken at magisterial inquiry at Mansfield re deaths of Lonigan & Scanlan forwarded to Law Department (depositions attached) 4062/78 1878 -
24 Depositions taken at Mansfield into inquiry re death of Sergeant Kennedy 1878 -
25 Report: Evidence of Constable McIntyre -
26 Notes: Kelly's statement received by police 1880 -
27 Affidavit: Postponement of Kelly's trial granted; Mr. Gaunson asks for extra fees for Kelly's defence 1880 -
28 Statement: E. Living, teller at Jerilderie Bank tells of robbery by Kelly's -