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Series title: Kelly Historical Collection - Part 3: Chief Secretary's Office
Unit number: 1
Date range: -
Public access: Closed (s11)
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Location: North Melbourne

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Series number: VPRS 4967
Consignment number: P0000
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Description Date Range
10 Marshall and Mosgrove offer their services to capture the Kelly gang 79/P1972 1879 - 1879
11 H. Curzon Allport offers to hunt the Kellys with Queensland natives 79/P7385 1879 - 1879
12 Assorted correspondence for Chief Secretary's Office including Kelly sympathisers discharged from Beechworth, Reward for the capture of the Kelly gang offered & Mr. Monk has been shot 1878 - 1879
13 A.M Holway submits a plan for capturing the Kelly gang 79/P1073 1879 - 1879
14 Anonymous is in possession of information which will lead to the capture of the Kelly gang 79/P2075 1879 - 1879
15 George Ray submits his scheme for the capture of the Kelly gang 79/P2095 1879 -
16 P.Campbell (Bush missionary), submits his scheme for capturing the Kelly gang 79/Q2477 1879 -
17 C.F Brown submits his scheme for capture of the Kelly gang 79/Q2478 1879 -
18 F. Reid draws attention to his letter re: forming a party of 13 to pursue the Kellys 79/P2768 1879 -
19 William Goodall Jr. offers services of Aborigines and himself in pursuit of Kelly gang 79/Q3220 1879 -
1 I.I.N McColl, for the insertion in the 'Alexandra Standard' of the notice re: Kelly and his gang 78/N12742 1878 -
20 Assistant Commissioner of Police requests paper to be returned re: young men acting as guides in tracing Kelly gang, who were promised permanent employment 79/P5958 1879 - 1879
21 G..B Ponting & M.C Brown renew their offer to hunt the Kelly gang 79/P5958 1879 - 1879
22 Under Secretary, 150 to be placed on additional estimates for tombstones over graves of Kennedy and Lonigan 79/P10412 1879 - 1879
23 CCP forwards letter from Mr. Wilkinson re: capture of the Kelly gang - that from his having but recently arrived in Colony, his services could not be useful 79/Q11055 1879 - 1879
24 Assorted correspondence for Chief Secretary's Office including statement of expenditure in search for the Kellys, plans for the protection of towns with banks and provisions for the widows of Lonigan and Kennedy 79/P6913 1878 - 1879
25 S.O'Connor complains of his treatment by Police officers during service in pursuit of Kelly gang and requests inquiry 80/R9050 1880 -
26 C.F Lewis (St.Arnaud Mercury),Telegram urges that Public meeting in favour of Edward Kelly be prohibited 80/T10.854 1880 -
27 ACCP: Police report on disturbance by Kelly sympathisers at Glenrowan 80/R1471 1880 -
28 Sheriff forwards request of prisoner Edward Kelly to be allowed an interview with his mother and sister 80/R7154 1880 -